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Paper Sculptures by Peter Gentenaar

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Artist Henrique Oliveira Constructs a Cavernous Network of Repurposed Wood Tunnels at MAC USP

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Corallia Design


Our Changing Seas II

This large-scale ceramic coral reef sculptural installation is the second in Courtney Mattison’s Our Changing Seas series (the first is at AAAS headquarters in Washington DC). This piece was completed in September 2013 and is now on permanent display at the Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center’s Center of Excellence for Coral Reef Ecosystems Research in South Florida. It stands about nine feet tall, three by six feet wide and is entirely covered in hand-sculpted and glazed ceramic corals, sponges and other reef-dwelling invertebrates from Western Atlantic and Caribbean coral reefs. The piece depicts a 360° transition from a healthy, vibrant coral reef to a bleached and algal-dominated one and back again to illustrate the human-caused threats reefs face with a sense of hope for recovery. It took a year and a half, but it’s finally finished! A big thank-you to the NSU Oceanographic Center for commissioning this project!!

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Take a look at these incredibly tiny illustrations of the American West by California-based artist Sam Larson. Now go grab a penny and then look at the drawings again to really appreciate just how small they are. Our favorite piece is the Bigfoot scene. That may be the tiniest Sasquatch we’ve ever seen.

Larson posts all of his marvelous miniature illustrations on his Instagram account. Follow him there to see more.

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 faig ahmeds Embroidered Art 

When you think of traditional carpets from Azerbaijan, the thought of contemporary art does not quickly spring to mind… but these beautiful, and modern works will change that. Faiq Ahmed, a native of the Eurasian nation, has taken his countries old-school art form and brought it beautifully into the current era, deconstructing the ancient process of weaving and adapting it to todays contemporary art forms.

This is absolutely awe inspiring.

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Photographs and Watercolors Merge in Surreal Paintings by Aliza Razell

Using self-portrait photographs and watercolors, artist Aliza Razell has been exploring several abstract narratives by merging the two mediums in Photoshop. Her first series, Anesidora , involves the story of Pandora’s Jar (Pandora’s box was actually a jar, a detail misinterpreted in the 1400s), while the second is inspired by the Finnish word ikävä, meaning the feeling of missing someone or something. You can see much more of her work over on Flickr, and you might interested to know Razell is the older sister of young photgorapher Fiddle Oak, featured here last year.

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 Flowers, Love and Money by Rebecca Louise Law

Site-specific installations of an upside down garden with flowers hanging form the ceiling. 

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Mum draws the faces, daughter draws the bodies.. Lovely blog post about collaborative art here

Mica Angela Hendricks [website | facebook | society6]

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The tiny velvet clay sculptures of Evgeny Hontor [x]

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Kate MccGwires Feather sculptures

Kate MccGwire’s feather sculptures are awe inspiring in their detail; they are the type of thing that is marveled. Gathering, peeling, and layering are just a few ways she constructs her work. The materials, vibrant colors, and tactile quality gives them an uncanny feeling.

"God is in his heaven, and all is right with the world."

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Quién: Katharine Morling.

Por qué: Cerámicas tan originales que ni siquiera podrías pensar que son cerámicas. Imita muebles y objetos del día a día con un peculiar estilo de blanco y negro. Los objetos tienen un aspecto de dibujos en tres dimensiones.

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